RECEPTIO (Research Centre for European Philological Traditionis the first Research and High Education Center in Switzerland belonging to the H2CU consortium. H2CU (Honors Center of Italian Universities) was established at Sapienza University of Rome, on 1st June 2004, and is composed of 23 Italian Universities and 3 Institutes of the Italian CNR-National Research Council. It promotes a variety of international programs in collaboration with prestigious US Universities: MIT-Massachusetts Institute of Technology, NYU-New York University, PACE University, NY, Columbia University, NY, Florida International University, University of Miami, Georgia Institute of Technology, Fordham University (Jesuit University of New York).

As a H2CU partner, RECEPTIO is an inter-university, cross-disciplinary network of scientific teams composed by members from many disciplinary areas (Classical Philology, Historical Linguistics, Romance Philology, Art History, Comparative Literature, Theatre Studies, Philosophy) of the Universities of Zurich, Barcelona, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Rome La Sapienza and Verona. Members of the group conduct research on among other areas the following:

- Byzantine and Middle Age Art

- Classical and comparative Indo-European Philology

- Romance Philology
- Classical and Medieval Philosophy

- Medieval and Renaissance Art and Literature
- The ancient cultural heritage in modern languages, art, and culture.
- The Art and Architecture of Antiquity
- The Christian tradition

- The Jewish Tradition

- Arab culture in medieval Europe
- The Cultural landscape and monuments of the Mediterranean area
- The cultural heritage and intellectual history of the Middle, Early and Modern ages.

RECEPTIO has its headquarters in Lugano. The scientific committee of the Centre is composed by:

- Prof. Alfonso D'Agostino, Università degli Studi di Milano

- Prof. Romeo Bufalo, Università della Calabria

- Prof. Paolo Canettieri, Sapienza, Università di Roma (Director in charge of the Centre)

- PhD Amedeo Osti Guerrazzi, Fondazione Museo della Shoah Onlus, Rome

Prof. Betül Parlak, Haliç Üniversitesi, Istanbul

- Prof. Carla Rossi, University of Zurich (Director in charge of the Centre)

- Prof. Asher Salah, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

- Prof. Giovanna Santini, Università di Chieti

In addition, RECEPTIO has signed partnership agreements with the Accademia Urbana delle Arti (Rome), Casa Cultura (Lugano) and with other non-academic cultural promoters. 

Its main purpose is to support and encourage cultural exchanges between international Scholars and Students belonging to Swiss, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Israeli and American Universities at various levels (from Master degrees up to Doctoral and Post-Doctoral programs).

The programs and initiatives are of various kinds: from specific research plans in teams, workshops and seminars up to short periods of study to pursue research for the thesis of the first level degree to doctoral programs in co-supervision.

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